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LTD"ECOS" has been organized in 1995 and is an engineer-consultative company, which is  one of the first in the Аkmola area that got a  permission of Ministry of guard of environment of RК on implementation of works onsetting of norms to the nature protection and ecological examination, and after the decision of Government of RК, which was in 2004, that was one of the first in Republic, who got the State license on the nature protection planning, setting of norms and works in area of ecological examination № 0002. On January, 2007 the State license of carrying on Ecological public accountant activity was gotten.


In 2007, after the acceptance of Ecological Code of RК in connection with the norms of this document the company has gotten the new State license № of 01002Р instead of previous.


From 2005 LTD "ECOS" engages in development of projects on certifying of workplaces for the terms of labour; takes place in the  List of the specialized organizations, carrying out activity in accordance with "Rules of realization of obligatory periodic attestation of productive objects on the terms of labour", ratified by Decision of the Governments of Republic of Kazakhstan on December, 05, 2011 № 1457. The specialists of firm are certificated in RSRIPL of Ministry of labour and social defense of population of RК.


LTD "ECOS" has the proof-of-concept mobile laboratory attested on realization of measuring of atmospheric air, sanitary - hygienical and laboratory researches: sanitary-chemical, measuring of physical factors(noise, vibration, electromagnetic fields ect ), radiometry and dosimetria, (Certificate of accreditation № of KZ.И.01.1315 on 10.08.2012; State license series of СЭ№00862CZ on  12.10.2010, Appendix to the state license №29 on 12.10.2010, Appendix to the State license № 37 on 24.02.2011). The  laboratory is equippedby measuring devices, that does a company independent of strange organizations in the process of implementation of works.

In times of work by the specialists of organization more than 600 projects of norms of maximum possible extrass of contaminents in an atmosphere were worked out, including projects of norms of MPE for 19 subdivisionsofProductive branch(PB) of "ОzenMunayGas"  JSC “RazvedkaDobicha “KazMunayGas”such as PGEM- 1, 2, 3, 4, MPO and PS, MMMH1, 2, 3, 4, 5, plant of GTP(gas-transfer plant) etc.; and also for 6 subdivisions of PB "Embamunagas" the ecological passport were given to more than 250 industrial objects of Republic of Kazakhstan, Akmola area and Astana city.After claim of methodologies on calculation of maximum possible upcasts in stores and on a hypsography of area we were the first who begins the approbation of it. Totally more than 40 norms of maximum possible upcast were worked out. About  300 divisions "Guard of environment" to the detail projects were worked out, the preliminary estimation of affecting environment(PEIE) and affecting estimation of the environment(EIE) were conducted by the firm for about 30 enterprises, they are: PEIE and EIE for Novodneprovskoye gold-ore deposits, for “Uzboyindustrial grounds of gold-ore deposits,affecting estimation on environment(EIE) during realization of seismological researchers of 3D on theNorthКyzylkiya areas, seismological researchers of 2Д on the area of Boat, seismological researchers of 3Д on the South Кyzylkiya area, seismological researchers of 3Д on the North Nuraly area" OC KazakhstanKaspiyShelf". EIE to "The Building of the  industrial setting of the grouped lixiviating of gold from preliminary lumpedores on the mine of Aksu", "Reconstruction of depository of  mine of Аksu" JSC"GMK Каzakhaltyn", EIE to the project of Ballast’s quarry for the Ekibastuz coal cuts JSC "Eurasian energy corporation" ect.

In 2001, in 2004 and in 2009 LTD "ECOS"  was confessed as a winner in the open competitions conducted by Ministry of guard of environment(MGE) of RК on the program of "Realization of ecological examination, monitoring and ecological propaganda".

By the results of work more than 200 conclusions of independent ecological examination were prepared on the projects of republican level : pre-planned, pre-project documentation, legislative and normatively-methodical documents, agreements, contracts, including international, which touch the questions of use of nature.

Ecological projects are executed by the specialists of high qualification, having an experience work from2 till 20 years in Akmola municipal and regional managements of guard of environment, in project organizations of "Кazakhsantechproekt", "tselingiproselhoz". The state of LTD "ECOS" consists of 28 workers who participated in international and republican seminars-conferences and conferences, where the wide circle of ecological problems came into question.All specialists have their own skills of work with an office equipment and with programmatic complexes "Era"(t.Novosibirsk) and UPRZA"Ecolog"(c.Saint-Peterburg) for the calculations of the ground concentrations and producing of volumes of MPE.About 100 members of part-time staff, specialists of different branches of science and technique, research workers, having large experience works scientific degrees and ranks(candidates and doctors of sciences, associate professors and professors, corresponding members and academicians) from leading Institutions of RК (of Eurasian University by the name of L.N.Gumilev, Kazakh Agrarian University  by the name of S.Seyfullin, Institute of geohydrology and hydrophysicsMinistry of education and sciences AS ofRК etc.), different Ministries and departments, establishments, organizations ASC of SSPAIE"Kazmechnobra", Kazakh Agency of the Applied Ecology etc.), and also project and consultative firms of different status from the IP, LTD  to the groups of investment projects in RК.

In addition, the company conducts propaganda of ecological knowledge among the nature users. For this aim seminars for the workers of railway transport on a theme "Protection legislation in application to the objects of railway transport in Republic of Kazakhstan" were conducted. With the department of skilled politics JSC “NK “Kazakhstantemirzholy" a scope agreement on providing training and in-plant training of employees of subdivisions in the area of the use of nature was signed. The suggestions from other large organizations of realization of the ecological education .are presently examined.


The activity of the company "ECOS" always was, is and will be absolutely legal. Reputation and kind name of the company are our greatest potential and mortgage of mutually beneficial collaboration.
Presence of professional knowledge and experience, and also the necessary financial, material and technical and labourresources of company allow to execute the undertaken obligations.





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