Certifying the productive objects by the terms of labour

The activity on estimation of  productive objects, workshops, areas, workplaces for determination of the state of safety, harmfulness, weight, tension of executable works on them, occupational health and determination of accordance of the terms of productive environment health to the norms in area of safety and labour protection.

LTD “ECOS” stands in List of the specialized organizations, which carry out activity in accordance with "Rules of realization of obligatory periodic attestation of productive objects on the terms of labour", ratified by Decision of Governments of Republic of Kazakhstan on December, 05, 2011 № 1457. It has a proof-of-concept mobile laboratory in its composition. Certificate of accreditation № of KZ.И.01.1315 on the 10.08.2012 on realization of measuring of atmospheric air and State license to realization sanitary - hygienical and laboratory researches: sanitary-chemical, measuring of physical factors(noise, vibration, electromagnetic fields), radiometry and dosimetria (equipped by measuring devices).The specialists of the firm are certificated in РНИИОТ of Ministry of labour and social defense of population of RK.

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